After news hit that a three-year-old California boy by the name of Ryan Cruz was hit by a truck while playing with his cousins and died over the weekend, there was an immediate social media response with the use of of the hashtag #RedBalloonsforRyan to show the family support. Now, rapper Dizzy Wright has gone one step further by writing a song to honor Ryan as well as the 300 girls who were abducted in Nigeria.

Produced DJ Hoppa 'Red Balloons' is a slow-paced but bass-heavy song that puts the focus more on the lyrics than the beat. Dizzy wants his words to resonate with his listener. Being a father himself, the 23-year-old Las Vegas native details how he would feel if he lost his child. "I'm holding my daughter and writing this verse / To God and protection, that always come first / But someone losing a kid / That show me how short life is / Spread the love / I'm only trying to make things right," he delivers on the first verse.

Then on the chorus, he sings. "Red balloons for a child we lost today / As a parent, I pray, as a father, I pray."

And to honor the abducted girls, he rhymes, "bring those babies back in Nigeria / Lord knows I don't sing, I just want y'all to feel my passion."

'Red Balloons' comes after the release of Dizzy's EP, 'State of Mind,' which spawned two singles 'Everywhere I Go' and 'Reunite for the Night.'

At the end of the month, Dizzy will hit the road on the State of Mind tour. The trek kicks off on May 25 in Eugene, Ore., and will move throughout the U.S., ending in Miami on July 9. Check out the tour dates below.

Listen to Dizzy Wright's 'Red Balloons'