Oakland rap group Digital Underground will be releasing a final EP of unreleased material, featuring a live song with fallen gangsta rap legend Tupac Shakur.

The group, best known for their 1990 hit single 'The Humpty Dance' and their frontman Humpty Hump's prosthetic nose, have announced plans to put out a collection of previously unreleased songs entitled 'The Greenlight EP.'

A young Tupac Shakur appears on a live version of the duo's 1991 single 'Same Song,' a song he helped pen that also appeared in the Dan Akroyd/Chevy Chase/Demi Moore adventure comedy 'Nothing But Trouble.' Shakur's first shot in the rap spotlight is largely attributed to the Digital Underground. Previous to the track, Shakur appeared on Digital Underground's 1990 debut, 'Sex Packets,' as a co-writer on the track 'Danger Zone.'

Digital Underground released eight studio albums in their two decade career. In addition to 'Same Song' and 'The Humpty Dance,' they also released the hit singles 'Kiss You Back' and 'Doowutchyalike.'

"In 2008, the group released their final studio album, 'Cuz A D.U. Party Don't Stop,' but there were still a few songs hidden away in archives that Shock and the group really wanted out there, so 'The Greenlight EP' was born to help round off the collection for fans," said Scott Thomas, CEO of Jake Records, who will distribute the project. "What's great about this collection of tracks is the diversity of sounds and themes, and the fact that it's a real upbeat project."

'The Greenlight EP' is in stores May 18. It will be the last official release by the group. Check out the original 'Same Song' video with Tupac below.

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