Danity KaneDiddy's all-girl pop group, Danity Kane, was assembled on the MTV hit show 'Making the Band' back in 2005, but the group's success was short lived. After members Aubrey O'Day and D. Smith were removed from the quintet the band eventually dismantled, with former member Dawn Richard currently making up the third element in Diddy's new group, Dirty Money. Despite the disintegration of the band, however, a new partnership with eigoMANGA Comics will see the legacy of the group inked in history.

The series will be created by Richard, who signed the deal with eigoMANGA. The new comics, which will debut this Spring, are inspired by the current music scene, but will tell the story of a young woman sent from a distant planet to free her people while fighting a war against their oppressors. "I am excited about the partnership between eigoMANGA and Danity Kane Comics," Richard said. "We are moving Danity Kane Comics into a new frontier. We want to merge the worlds of comics and music together and we have started on the road to doing so."

The 'Danity Kane' series will be released through the eigoManga comic book publishing company. Visit DanityKaneComics.com for a preview of the upcoming release.

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