Wiz Khalifa recently hung out with Diddy, who compared him to Snoop, cause he smokes weed, and then offered to let Wiz smoke "around him," whatever that means. "Diddy was on the bus yesterday and he said, 'Man you ever met Snoop? Man, you remind me of Snoop. You got the Snoop aura.' The O.G. passed the torch...I mean, the bong, he passed that on to me. So I'm just carrying on the tradition...That was my first time meeting him face to face...he came out here to f--k with me. We're gonna do so music, do some Ciroc things. He's hitting me right now actually. He wants me to smoke with him. Well, not with him but around him. He wants to smell the weed that I have to offer." Totally normal. [HipHopWired]

Future boxing ambassador of China, Mike Tyson, had some words of wisdom for the Chinese. "Didn't you guys have an altercation with the Japanese people at one time?" he began. "Here's what you do: You go looking for a Chinese fighter who will beat the evil Japanese guy and get revenge. That will sell." [ESPN]

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