During an appearance on 'The View,' Diddy discussed the three mothers of his six children, and the reason he's never gotten married. "It's like a movie," he explained. "At different times in my life, as my heart got broken by one, I cried on the shoulder of another...Life isn't something you can predict. Every woman that I was with, that I had a child with, they did deserve for me to marry them. But there's things going on in my life...I'm not gonna say it's all the way me, but I'll take responsibility as a man." [MTV]

An oldie but goodie: Kanye West thinks Coldplay is better than The Beatles. "I love Coldplay, and I honestly think they are on the same level as The Beatles," Kanye revealed. "In 30 years, when Coldplay are old men, people will look back and say, 'These guys were more talented than The Beatles.' I have worked with Chris Martin and the man is a genius -- as a performer and a songwriter he is on the same level as John Lennon." That's ridiculous. [TheSun]

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