A former Bad Boy Records employee has filed a $12 million lawsuit against its founder Diddy for age discrimination.

Francesca Spero, 51, filed the age discrimination suit on Wednesday, Sept. 1 in a federal court in Manhattan, claiming that she was abruptly fired while recovering from hip surgery, after confiding in a coworker that she had suffered a relapse and become addicted to her prescription pain medication.

Spero met Diddy in 1988, introducing the rapper to her contacts in the music business. Hired in 1998, her twelve years at Bad Boy Records included a stint as Vice President of Management and Publishing. The lawsuit alleges that Diddy sought to "freeze" her out of her role at Bad Boy, before eventually firing her and replacing her with a much younger, less qualified applicant.

A spokesperson for Diddy responded by saying that "there are many reasons why Ms. Spero is no longer employed by Bad Boy, but age discrimination is not one of them."

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