Sean "Diddy" Combs usually gets paid for club appearances but one night out may end up costing him a hefty sum.

The hip-hop mogul is the subject of a lawsuit filed by a photographer who claims that Combs' bodyguards assaulted him. Thirty-year-old Jabari Tigham filed the suit in Georgia's Dekalb County State Court last Friday (April 15). In the suit, he reveals that while working at Club Manson last October, he was the target of a beating at the hands of several others named in the court case.

On the night in question, Combs was hosting a party with Rick Ross following the BET Awards. Tigham was one of a dozen photographers hired to take pictures of the 41-year-old and other celebrities in attendance. Although there is no word as to why violence erupted that evening, Tigham alleges that he was singled out by Combs' security. According to his lawyer, Jeffrey Gewirtz, a club employee also confirmed the story with a signed affidavit.

Tigham is also suing the club for the brawl, and has yet to release details regarding the amount of damages he is looking to recoup.

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