Diddy loves Pusha T's new Kanye West-produced DAYTONA a lot. He loves it so much, he sent Pusha a handwritten note, signature and all, proclaiming its brilliance.

Pusha shared the note from "one of his idols" on Instagram.

"A modern day masterpiece. A flawless hip hop gem. Classic but current. In realtime! A TRUE classic! #Daytona The Album #KingPush," the note reads.

The early consensus of the project, which underwent a dramatic name and art change in the final days leading up to its release, is that it's among Pusha's best work, and lives up to the hype. Nas, who has a seven-track, Kanye-produced album dropping in June, called it a classic.

Beyond his industry peers, fans seem to have latched on to this latest edition of Pusha's luxury drug rap rhymes. The project is concise, to the point, and avoids filler. It's such a great strategy, Pusha, who is also the president of Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music, says that's the plan for all of the label's records moving forward.

"Seven, you know, definitely the God number," he said. "All the projects coming out is seven. That's what we going for. You know G.O.O.D. Music anti everything. If everybody doing 18 tracks, we doing seven."


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