Since it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s only right that Diddy sends a romantic message to his longtime boo Cassie on social media. However, the rap mogul’s photo on Instagram has stirred up a heated debate on Twitter.

For those of you who don’t know, the Diddster has been dating Cassie for over 10 years. There has been some ups and down, but for right now, it’s all love between the two. On Tuesday (Feb. 14), Diddy gave a Valentine’s Day shout out to Cassie on his Instagram page (see photo above) and called his girl the N-word.

The pic has been circulating on social media with people debating whether it’s cool to call your girlfriend the N-word. But most of the conversation on Twitter has been about Cassie’s relationship status with the Bad Boy Records honcho. For 10 years she’s been his girlfriend but there’s no ring. Some have called the “Me & U” singer the ultimate side-piece, while others have called Diddy the master of finesse.

"Imagine callin your queen of ten years “my nigga” and never copping the ring. Diddy got Cassie on a Bad Boy contract still. Finesse Gawd," wrote one user. Another commenter tweeted, "Cassie gets pampered, probably got her own black card, access to so many connections and wealth, I would be Diddys "n----" too."

Others wondered if Cassie isn't the one calling the shots, and simply doesn't want to get married.

What do you think about Diddy and Cassie's relationship? Tell us in the comments below.

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