J. Cole’s new album hasn’t even arrived and he’s already stirring up controversy. On Thursday night (Dec. 2), the Roc Nation rapper released a 40-minute documentary called Eyez, which featured music from his upcoming project, 4 Your Eyez Only.

One track that has everyone buzzing about is “False Prophets,” in which Cole calls out rappers who may have fallen from grace.

With lines like “He tell us he a genius but it’s clearer lately / It’s been hard for him to look into the mirror lately,” it’s possible that Cole is talking about Kanye West, who is going through some issues right now.

Elsewhere, Cole may have also threw some shots at Wale with the line, "I got a homie he a rapper and he want to win bad / He want the fame the acclaim the respect that's been had by all of the legend / So every time I see him he keeps stressing / Talkin' about n----s don't f--- with him, s--- is depressin'."

Cole also appears to be dissing rappers who used ghostwriters with the line, “Wonder what happened / Maybe it’s my fault for idolizing n----s based off the words that they be rappin’ / But come to find out these n----s don’t even write they own s---.” Hmm, is that at shot Drake?

The real question here is, why is J. Cole so aggy when he’s atop of the rap game right now?

J. Cole’s song has caused a huge debate on Twitter. Some fans believe that J. Cole was slamming Kanye West and Wale, while other believe that he is simply dropping knowledge on the rap game and how rappers can be so fickle.

What do you think?

Read some of the fans' reactions below.

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