Rap veterans Eric B. and Rakim was trending on Twitter but for all the wrong reason. The rap group’s Twitter account posted a tweet supporting Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

According to Complex, the tweet featured a campaign poster supporting Cheeto Jesus and the logo resigned to read, “The Hood for Trump Pence.”

Of course, the tweet upset thousands of fans on Twitter. So much so, that Eric B. and Rakim starting trending. However, it was a false alarm. Apparently, the Twitter account was hacked.

"Funny, Eric B and Rakim is trending 5th in the world on twitter and we will not be voting for Trump, that's what you better know," reads a tweet from the account. "After all these years how could there be any doubt who gets our vote? Eric B and Rakim only vote for one person, every four years, same vote."

But the real question here is - who is actually running this Twitter account? This is the second time this page has been posting falsehoods and incoherent tweets.

Last month, the Eric B. and Rakim Twitter account announced that the iconic group was reuniting for a major tour in 2017. Unfortunately, that was false, according to Rakim’s purported manager.

Fans on Twitter expressed their disappointment of the account possibly trolling them on their timeline with their lame tweet.

"Who is hacking Eric B and Rakim in 2016?! Whooooooo," questioned one person. Another follower, tweeted, "I thought Eric B and Rakim wasn't even together. How they have a joint twitter account?"

So many questions and no real answer.

Peep the Twitter aftermath below.

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