Devin the DudeMarijuana maven and Houston rapper Devin the Dude is set to release the appropriately titled 'Suite 420' on, you guessed it, April 20. Features include the Odd Squad and fellow Facemob member Smit D, with production from Devin himself, alongside veteran Mike Dean and a host of longtime collaborators. 'Suite 420' will be the sixth solo effort for Devin, who first came to light on the 'My Homies' album from mentor Scarface, then followed with his critically-acclaimed debut 'The Dude' in 1998.

Since 'The Dude,' Devin has been one of the more respected underground rappers and producers in hip-hop, appearing on Dr. Dre's 'Chronic 2001' as well as the 'Baby Phat' single from De La Soul's 'AOI: Bionix.' 'Suite 420' promises to be more of the charm, humor, and Everyman wit that has made him arguably hip-hop's best storyteller since Slick Rick, and coupled with his work as a producer, an embodiment of the South's D.I.Y. ethic.

The lead single 'What I Be On" is on the way. As for the rest of 'Suite 420,' "It's already rolled up," says Devin. "We just gotta put some fire on it."