Chance The Rapper has been having the best 2017 of possibly anyone so far, and he's getting the high praise for his charitable endeavors as well.

Last week, the rapper announced that he would be donating $1 million to Chicago Public Schools, and was seen speaking to a classroom before providing a big check to the school system. Since the news broke of his generous deed, he has received high remarks from former First Lady Michelle Obama, tons of fans, and Seattle Seahawks' Michael Bennett.

Now, Derrick Rose is coming forward with praise for the young rap star, as he commended him for the huge donation.

“It’s always great to hear, especially with someone that’s in his position, coming from Chicago and knowing what’s going on internally and [being someone] that’s willing to do something about it," Rose told the New York Daily News. "It’s always great to hear when somebody steps up and takes the challenge.”

Chance said the donation was a call to action, and he hoped it would inspire major companies and others to donate to the same cause. Chance expressed disappointment in his recent meeting with Illinois governor, Bruce Raunor, who he said gave vague answers and didn't directly address the issues plaguing the school system.

Hopefully, Chance's actions can motivate others to help the Chicago Public School system, and give students a better education.


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