De La Soul and J Dilla have collaborated numerous times before the late producer’s death in 2006 from Lupus. So it’s good to hear the trio spit over a rare Dilla instrumental on their just-released single, 'Vocabulary Spills.'

The head-nodding song boasts a bumping beat, an electric guitar groove and a Nas 'Illmatic' vocal sample ("Vocabulary spills I’m ill / Plus manic / I’ll leave your brain stimulated").

On the song, Trugoy and Posdunos, respectively, spit what appears to be alternate lyrics from their classic song 'The Bizness' from their 1996 LP 'Stakes Is High.'

"I have never flaunt the coin / Because dime pieces be gazing / Call me Luther Van 'cause my style is so amazing," raps Trugoy.

And Pos’ famous line from the song is used here, too.

"I don't worry on what crew you run, or what section of earth you reside / You’re not even a man / So I don't deem it mandatory taking your pride / But I will, 'cause my man said soulful delight / You tried keepin' it real, yet you should try keepin' it right."

'Vocabulary Spills' will appear on De La Soul’s upcoming mixtape, 'Smell the D.A.I.S.Y,' which drops March 26 on the trio’s official website.

Listen to De La Soul's Song 'Vocabulary Spills' (Produced by J Dilla)

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