After years of toiling away in the underground rap scene, Daytona (formerly The Kid Daytona) has inked a deal with producer Harry Fraud on his newly-launched indie label Surf School Recordings (SRFSCHL).

To inaugurate the signing, Daytona releases his first single on the label, 'Type Ish,' produced by Harry Fraud.

The funky track features the Bronx native's suave rhymes with a sprinkle of catchy punchlines.

"Raf Simons is on the waist / E. Simmons is the homie / Me and Russell date the same babes," he raps. "Timbs in the summer and they ain't lace / You a lame, we ain't never in the place."

Daytona and Fraud have worked together on a number of songs in the past, including the 2012 banger 'Low' with Jadakiss. For the 27-year-old Brooklyn producer, teaming up with the Bronx rhymer seemed inevitable.

"Daytona and I were always part of the same circle of peers and I’ve worked with him in the past," Fraud tells Billboard. "I've always appreciated him as an artist and respected him as a person. When Surf School became a reality he was one of the first artists I immediately reached out to."

"Daytona is a no-brainer for me," he adds. "His potential as an artist is limitless and our sounds compliment each other."

True indeed.

Congratulations to Daytona and La Musica de Harry Fraud on their musical partnership.

Listen to Daytona's 'Type Ish' Produced By Harry Fraud