Hip-hop and the NFL have been going hand in hand lately. David Banner is the latest rapper to put his flow to the pigskin. The Mississippi native has penned an anthem for the Super Bowl, aptly titled 'Super Bowl (I Can't Wait).' The track features a drumline beat and verses from New Jersey Jets linebacker Bart Scott. The song was released over the weekend, prior to the Jets loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, meaning Scott sadly won't be headed to Super Bowl XLV.

Luckily Banner, also recorded a version without Scott, perhaps hoping to still bank on the studio time given a Jets defeat. To download the Jets version head here, while the Banner solo version of 'Super Bowl (I Can't Wait)' can be downloaded here.

Other rappers who have recenty rubbed shoulders with the NFL include Big Boi, B.o.B and Nick Javas, who all recored football-themed verses to their own tracks in commercials for Pepsi Max. Wiz Khalifa, who released the hit 'Black and Yellow' as a nod to his hometown team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, recently performed the track before Sunday's AFC Championship game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will face off with the Green Bay Packers on Feb. 6 at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas.

Listen to David Banner's 'Super Bowl (I Can't Wait)'