It's been a long road for David Banner and 9th Wonder, who announced that they would release their debut collaboration album 'Death of a Pop Star' in 2009. After teasing the Internet with a few leaks and dropping videos off the project, the dynamic duo finally gave hope to fans when they announced earlier this month that the album would hit stores on November 9.

Now, the duo has unveiled the tracklist for the LP, revealing guest spots from Erykah Badu, Ludacris, Channel 3, Anthony Hamilton, Marz and Lisa Ivey. The album has already spawned the single 'Slow Down,' currently making the rounds on radio, and will be followed by the second single 'Be With You' featuring Ludacris.

In addition to the release of 'Death of a Pop Star,' Banner is preparing a sister side-project. "I'm writing a short movie about 'Death of a Pop Star' and it's a sci-fi flick,' he told The BoomBox. 'We have to show our dexterity."

He also plans on following up 'DOAPS' with several sequel albums, though it may feature other emcee/producer collaborations with Banner and 9th overseeing the projects. "It's going to be an ongoing theme," he explained. "Me and 9th were talking about the next 'Death of a Pop Star' album might not even be David Banner. It might be Talib Kweli and Mannie Fresh or Lil Wayne and Madlib. It's just going to be a theme of music. It's going to be a synthesis of fans coming together and we striking out the hypocrisy and the classicism inside of hip-hop."

The idea of a collaboration between Mississippi's David Banner and North Carolina's 9th Wonder shocked many at first, but even Banner had some reservations about working with 9th. "I have to be honest," he stated. "I had some preconceived notions about 9th myself. I thought 9th was going to have all of his contents in the backpack. And that's not the case."

1. Diamonds On My Pinky

2. No Denying (feat. Channel 3)

3. Slow Down

4. Be With You (feat. Ludacris)

5. Stutter (feat. Anthony Hamilton)

6. Hip Hop (feat. Marz)

7. Something Is Wrong (feat. Lisa Ivey)

8. Silly (feat. Erykah Badu)

9. Strange