"Don't believe me, just watch!" Those might be the words Bruno Mars utters throughout the Mark Ronson-produced hit "Uptown Funk," but a Los Angeles man has everybody watching his video of him dancing to the song on a treadmill.

Carson Dean, who is a choreographer, actor and singer, is an internet sensation thanks to his now viral "Uptown Funk" dance routine on a treadmill. The clip has garnered over 1.6 million YouTube views in just four days.

In the video, the gymnast-turned-dancer gives his fans his own dance interpretation to the funky, chart-topping hit. Dean performs several acrobatic moves on the treadmill and even moonwalks without missing a beat.

Celebrities, including Ariana Grande, have been looking at the L.A. dancer's moves for quite some time. Dean is now encouraging his fans to get active and not slow down. He tweeted:

Hopefully, Carson Dean's video will inspire you to get up and start dancing to "Uptown Funk." It's great cardio that's for sure.

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