Even international reggae superstars get the blues, and in his new video for 'Affairs of the Heart,' his first solo single in years, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley shows us the downside of touring.

Marley mopes around backstage, on tour buses and in airports, pining for the dancer girlfriend his career keeps him from.

"You never let me down, not even nearly, not even barely," sings the youngest son of genre godhead Bob Marley, his cane-sweet patois reminiscent of dear ol' dad's.

In recent years, "Jr. Gong" has focused on collaborations, teaming up with rapper Nas for the 'Distant Relatives' album and an unlikely pack of rock and pop artists -- among them Mick Jagger, Joss Stone and Indian composer A. R. Rahman -- for the supergroup SuperHeavy.

Now, he's prepping a new album, and on 'Affairs,' he does Jamaican dancehall with a smooth pop sensibility. The tune has a late-night, after-hours vibe and a hook that promises to land Marley back on the charts. That'll likely mean more lonely night on the road, but if the singer's real-life romantic adventures are at all like the ones he sings about, he'll find a way to pull through.

"Your love is life-saving," he sings here. "You always catch me when I fall."

Watch Damian Marley's Video for 'Affairs of the Heart'