The NBA's Dallas Mavericks are feeling loose both on and off the court these days. The team, which is currently 12-4, recently celebrated their winning ways by carrying on the league's recent trend of videotaping synchronized routines to some of hip-hop's biggest hits. This time the production values are higher than usual as the Mavericks gather around their unique center Dirk Nowtizki in a recreation of Kanye West's evocative 'Power' video.

Like West's video, the clip starts with Nowtizki getting a close-up treatment. As the camera fades away, the scene is lined with Roman columns, Mavs cheerleaders, fireworks and frozen images of his teammates in the midst of all sorts of jump shots. Yes, it's just for laughs and to pump up the crowd before games, but the clip is yet another example of the pervasive influence that West has had since he emerged from Hawaii earlier this year.

The video is already a smash hit among the team's fans as well as the Internet. It was premiered before a Mavericks game on Nov. 27 and should be part of their home introductions for the remainder of the season.

As a bonus, here are the Celtics dancing to Waka Flocka's 'Hard in Da Paint.' We don't think this one is making its way into the public pregame routine, though.

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