Rapper D.R.A.M. had a phenomenal 2016 with his No. 1 rap single, “Broccoli.” The rapper is trying to keep the momentum going with his latest single, “Gilligan.”

Inspired by the classic 60’s sitcom Gilligan’s Island, the song is a bouncy club banger with Juicy J and A$AP Rocky spitting braggadocios rhymes.

On the track, D.R.A.M. raps, "Look, I got hella s---, take a whip, peep these molly rocks / I got diamonds, too, bought a few, but they still like to swipe / Bitch, don't call my bluff / If you want one, then meet me at the crib / You know what it is."

Meanwhile, Juicy J, who produced the song, delivers his usual strip club-driven lyrics and shouts out his Memphis rap crew. "I got hella racks in my safe, got stars in my Wraith / I got stripper hoes snortin' blow, dancin' at my place," he spits, adding, "Three Six Mafia probably f--- yo mama back in '98."

Finally, Rocky name-checks Cam'ron in his cameo while spitting his luxury rhymes. "All pink like I'm Killa Cam / Palms, feet and let 'em feel the sand / On the beach like I'm finna tan / Black and proud like a brother-man," he raps.

D.R.A.M. has more music coming in 2017. In fact, the Virginia rapper appears on the Gorillaz' new song "Andromeda," which is from the group's upcoming album, Humanz.

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