CyHi The Prince and Kanye West have linked up to drop the new track, "Dat Side."

The track is from the long-awaited upcoming debut album from CyHi, No Dope on Sundays due out on G.O.O.D. Music this year. CyHi, who is undoubtedly one of the most flexible, skilled rappers on the scene despite the long hold up for his official debut, keeps it simple, rhyming about the things that separate him from lames on the piano-laced, bass track, which is produced by Edsclusive and Mark Byrd.

"I'm so anti, I'm so, I'm so anti/Seen my buddy passout, I'm careful who I stand by/All you do is tell stories, you a campfire/You can barely hold your water, you a damn liar/Look at all the haters who came out to see him/I'm fresh to death, my closet is a mausoleum," he offers over stark drums.

Meanwhile, Kanye delivers the second verse.

"All the haters hating, wait a minute, stand on dat side/I don't need no allies, I don't feel the need to fraternize/Yeezys in the field, Yeezys, Yeezys in the field now/Made it to the NBA, we in the NFL now/All the haters hating, wait a minute, stand on dat side/Moved into a neighborhood where I'm the only black guy," he rhymes.

You can grab the new single iTunes here. Stream it below via Spotify.


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