We've been taking a trip down memory lane in the career of Miss Nicki Minaj for weeks now, and the moment has finally come where Nicki's debut 'Pink Friday' will be released to the masses. Nicki has done her rounds on the talk show circuit, released some songs, performed everywhere, and is ready to unveil her very first album to her band of Barbies. Judgment Day is Monday, Nov. 22. However, naturally in the world of technology, the album -- not the deluxe -- has already leaked and we have some early feedback. So, The BoomBox decided to take it to Twitter and see what people were saying about 'Pink Friday' so far. The response is mixed, but definitely in Nicki's favor. Check out the verdicts after the jump!

The Pros:

@McShortSwagg: I love Pink Friday! I love that she didn't make what everyone expected but what she wanted! Congrats @NICKIMINAJ

@CarterBoy_N: Pink Friday Iz Fire Ima Buy It For The Wife And Then Steal It From Her

@Captain_Obvio: I'm feeling Pink Friday

@_heldz: The entire Pink Friday is f---in amazing

@VTsPrince: There are a couple songs off this Pink Friday that I f--- with #JudgeMe

@D_Smoove11: Pink Friday is hot, Nicki did her thing!!

The Cons:

@TheGirlKims: so glad I didn't pay for Pink Friday, notimpressed.com

@Luke_tina: Disappointed with Pink Friday... This ain't no rap album.. It's ok though

@FaruqTheKing: Pink Friday is pretty whack so far. I'll finish the rest after work. Wasn't expecting much from it anyways

@barackobussa: Im bout to delete this Nicki Minaj Pink Friday cuz this s--- is #hit 2 me

It should be noted that while many tweets reveal fans have listened to the album for free already, they will in fact be waiting in line at retailers on the Nov. 22 to pick up their legal copy. There hasn't been this much excitement for a female emcee album release in a very, very long time. Until then, we'll see you on Monday for 'Pink Friday'!

If you've listened to 'Pink Friday' already, how would you rate it and what are your favorite tracks? The BoomBox wants to know!