'90s hit maker Coolio might have simultaneously reached a new high and low. Apparently excited for his upcoming tour with Detroit's Insane Clown Posse, the 'Gangsta's Paradise' rapper wanted to show the group some love by getting a new tattoo.

He had it all planned out for "Juggalo Cool" to be inked on his left bicep with a little red dude sporting a mohawk -- a reference to the Posse's rabid fanbase that includes its own festival, slang, Faygo drinks and evil face paint. Unfortunately, tattoo pens don't come with spell check because the artist misspelled "juggalo," dropping a crucial "g" by accident. Instead, Coolio has a new tattoo that reads "Jugalo Cool" on his arm, which barely translates from Spanish to "Play it cool."

Of course, when approached by TMZ for some thoughts on the matter, Coolio claimed that the misspelling was totally intentional and that he had no plans to make any changes. This comes after a crazy year that found the rapper getting arrested for crack cocaine in an airport, receiving a NSFW public rubdown by an Italian model, releasing a cookbook and finally agreeing to perform a show for $3000, a bucket of chicken and bottle of Patron tequila.

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