As Pepsi continues to get dragged on Twitter for their cringeworthy commercial starring Kendall Jenner, it turns out the ad might have been inspired by an old video by the Chemical Brothers.

Music website FACT pointed out the resemblances in the Pepsi ad to the Chemical Brothers’ 1999 visual for “Out of Control.” In the production duo's clip (watch below), actors Rosario Dawson and Michael Brown are a revolutionary couple who stand off against military police that seemed to be terrorizing a shantytown. But in a bizarre twist, we find out at the end that it’s only a cola commercial because corporate America loves to commodify activism.

We don't know if this is a coincidence or straight-up bite, but the Pepsi ad does feature a celebrity who hands a police officer a refreshing can of cola and suddenly the crowd cheers as if years of police brutality and systemic oppression have suddenly vanished. Really? And if the company did bite the video— they clearly missed the point.

Reps for the video's director, WIZ, or the Chemical Brothers have not commented on the tone-deaf ad. Watch the two videos above and below and judge for yourself.

Watch Chemical Brothers' "Out of Control" Video

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