Common has a full plate when it comes to music and movies. His last release, 'Universal Mind Control,' was nominated for two Grammy Awards, while his next film, 'Date Night' -- starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell -- will see release this coming April. But, the Chicago-bred rapper is already thinking about his next album, 'The Believer.'

Similar to his previous releases, Common divulged that he plans on following his musical instincts when it comes to putting the album together. "It's a different sound from my last records," he told the BoomBox. "This is definitely like more of a raw sound. I might have long verses that may not be just 16 bars. You might not hear any hooks on certain songs. I'm looking at doing raw stuff like you might hear a chorus with scratches on it. I haven't created a lot of it is just gonna' come from a natural things but I want it to be very unadulterated. Raw."

For 'The Believer' Common will re-team with longtime friends and collaborators Kanye West, and producer No I.D. to create the music. "Life goes in cycles, so sometimes you go through fazes in your life where you say this is what I'm on right now. I'm on some euro-international world travel, that's 'Universal Mind Control.' I'm on some afro-beat/soulful hip-hop that's 'Like Water for Chocolate.' Or I'm back to the essence of what I give just in a new way that's 'Be.' So as life goes in its own cycle, you just have to express who you are at the time. I think that's one of the most profound things you can do as an artist is to be true to who you are. Whether you think the audience is there or not, you owe it to yourself to express it."

'The Believer' is set to hit stores later this year while his movie 'Date Night' comes out April 9.