Riding high off the success off his 1989 debut album, Adventures in Paradise, and infamously having his hand stabbed with an icepick in 1990's New Jack City, Christopher Williams scored another notch in his career with the release of "Every Little Thing U Do."

The song, which dropped in 1993, and is featured on his 1992 sophomore effort, Changes, is one of the singer's signature tracks. It became a Top 10 single for Williams, following the success of the No. 1 lead single from Changes, "I'm Dreamin" (also featured on the New Jack City soundtrack) and "All I See," which was produced by Devante Swing.

Co-written by Williams and produced by 3 Boyz From Newark, the video for "Every Little Thing U Do" was fairly simple, with Williams hanging out on the beach rocking an oversized baseball jersey, crooning about how infatuated he was by "every little thing" his woman did.

Day turns to night, and Williams finds himself at a happening beachside pool party, where he's strangely very concerned about lighting tiki torches. He spends a good part of the latter half of the video doing exactly that.

Even though Williams looks a little bored throughout most of the video— when he's not lighting torches and dancing awkwardly— this video makes it's easy to remember why he was a heartthrob in the early '90s.

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