Chrisette Michele was mercilessly dragged on Twitter after she performed at President Trump’s inaugural ball in January. Since then, the R&B singer has gone through some personal struggles both in her professional and personal life.

On Friday (Oct. 27), Michele posted several photos identifying some of her personal struggles in 2017. The first one was “Suicidal Thoughts” where the singer detailed that she was mixing a bottle of Bacardi and Xanax on a daily basis.

In the second photo Michele shared that she had a miscarriage and posted a gruesome photo of a miscarriage. In the third picture, she revealed that she was dropped from Capitol Records after she turned in her album. Finally, the 34-year-old singer said that Yoga saved her life and put her in peace.

Michele posted the series of photos to promote her latest single, "Strong Black Woman." The Grammy-winning artist said that overcoming her personal struggles inspired her new song.

However, folks on Twitter wasn't sympathetic to Michele's past trials and tribulations. Many criticized her for going against her fans's wishes to not perform for Trump. Others blasted her for using a photo of a miscarriage and her personal struggles for publicity of her new single.

"Chrisette Michele doesn't need to blame social media. She should blame HERSELF. You sing for Trump and you think we bout to Kumbaya? Bye," wrote one person. Another critic tweeted, "Chrisette Michele just posted a pic of her miscarried child on [Instagram]! What tf has the world come to! Everything does NOT need to be on [Instagram]."

Check out some of the people's reactions to Chrisette Michelle's Instagram photos below.

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