Chris Brown stayed up late last night and decided to wish his ex, Rihanna, a happy 30th birthday on Instagram.

The message was simple enough— he posted a childhood picture of the singer with a caption that read "Happy birthday @badgirlriri."

However, the post drew mixed reactions from fans, some of whom wondered if it was appropriate from him to wish her anything, given their violent history together.

Brown's 2017 documentary Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life, finds him opening up about the nature of their relationship, which he says was violent on both ends. He says the violence culminated when he hit her with closed fits in 2009, the night of the Grammys. Brown was ultimately charged with felony assault and making criminal threats, and ended up on probation for five years.

The two reconciled for a short while after that, back in 2012, but the pictures of a battered Rihanna never left the public's mind, and folks felt a way about Brown wishing her happy birthday, although they've both since moved on from the relationship.

Some fans thought his birthday wish was "cute," others not so much.

"Imagine getting beat up by your bf and your mom says "he just wants to say happy birthday"," wrote one fan.

You can check out some of the mixed reactions to CB's birthday post below.

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