After deleting his Twitter account Nov. 25 following an argument with comedian Jenny Jones (who wrote about the situation recently for, Chris Brown has returned to Twitter.

Although he hasn't tweeted anything yet and his past tweets have been erased, it seems as though the account is up and running.

Regardless of the missing tweets, Chris and Rihanna are still in the news, thanks to a slew of Instagram pictures (including one of Rihanna hugging Chris), and a new one that Chris posted today, along with an interesting question that's garnered attention.


Along with the picture of himself and Rihanna, he wrote, "What would music sound like if these kids didn't exist?"

The question led to many fans disagreeing with Chris, and some commentators on the pic even insisted that the the music world would be better without Breezy and Ri Ri. As of right now, the picture has generated over 9,500 comments.

What do you think -- do you think the music world would be different would them? Tweet us and let us know.

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