Appearing on Angie Martinez's radio show on Hot 97 Wednesday, singer Chris Brown discussed the reason that his rumored tour with fellow crooner Usher never worked out, and explained why he doesn't have many friends in the music industry.

"We kinda had different views on the tour -- no beef," Brown said regarding the Usher tour. "We both have two different promoters, so whoever would get the tour would have to work it out and I think they didn't see eye to eye. I think we rushed into it. We were in love with the idea more than the actual [business part of it]. We couldn't get ready for it. Hopefully in the future, we might work something out."

Despite the fact that Usher ultimately opted to tour with Trey Songz over Brown, the 'Deuces' singer continued to say that the two are still "cool," if not particularly close. "It's whatever, we cool. I'm cordial and that's with everybody," Brown told Martinez. "I don't have friends in this industry. I have my circle and I have my people who've been with me through the bad times and the good times. Everybody else is just wallpaper." Brown further revealed that he doesn't attempt to make "industry" friends, after so many turned their backs when he assaulted his former girlfriend Rihanna.

"I wasn't, like, bitter. Now I see you for you. Get your money, do you," he explained. "We can be cordial, we can be cool. Other than that, I don't need to be your homie, like we don't gotta go hang out ... I kinda just got a gauge of who was there and who wasn't, so now I know who I can deal with. There's people in my phone I'll call and they're my homies. I don't need no more friends. Oh, you need me to do something for you? Holla at my manager."

Check out the full Chris Brown interview with Angie Martinez here.

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