Most people can't tell Kanye West nothing, unless they're Charlie Wilson. The legendary singer and 'Bound 2' collaborator says that he doesn't stroke the fiery rapper's ego and when necessary, sometimes even tells him to "sit down and be quiet."

"When he does something wrong, I'm the first one to tell him that he's wrong, 'Sit down and be quiet,'" Wilson shared in an interview with Hip Hollywood. "I'm not patting him on his back... I don’t care if you don’t like it or not."

The crooner didn't mince words when it comes to the controversial Mr. West and kept it 100 on how he deals with the MC's infamous ego. "I don’t embrace some of the things that he does, and some of the stuff he does, I do embrace, which is music. He's good at that. Sometimes it gets a little out of hand, and sometimes he just says, ‘I’m gonna do this kind of music just to inspire people.’ OK then say that."

Wilson and West joined forces for 'Bound 2' last year, a song featured on the rhymer's 'Yeezus' album.

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