Interscope Records has reportedly dropped Harlem rapper Charles Hamilton in the wake of his debut, 'The Perfect Life' and a few news-grabbing moments, including one with labelmate Soulja Boy. The major label has yet to confirm said reports.

His beef started with Soulja Boy after Hamilton became annoyed by comparisons to the 'Crank That' rapper. "I was called 'the new Soulja Boy,' Hamilton vented. "You don't think that would piss you off if you were NOTHING like Soulja Boy?"

Soulja Boy later responded to Hamilton's rant via YouTube. "You've been grinding so hard," he said, singling out Hamilton. "You're getting into your record label meetings and all you hear is Soulja Boy, Soulja Boy, Soulja Boy. Goddamn. Soulja Boy got 4 million views on YouTube. Soulja Boy just did this, Soulja Boy just did that, and in the back of your head you like, 'f--- Soulja Boy."

Not long after the beef was squashed, a video of Hamilton getting slapped by his ex-girlfriend, Briana Latrice, hit the net. Latrice was interviewing Hamilton when their conversation went from playful to awkward. Latrice freestyled, "This is madness, I was in love but we're in lust/Jumped in so quick and went deep with no trust," to which Hamilton provided his own rebuttal. Before Hamilton could finish his flow, Latrice slapped him in the face and the video was cut off. The two later announced that they would be entering into couples counseling.

Hamilton was said to be toying with the idea of listing J Dilla as an executive producer on 'The Perfect Life.' Although Hamilton never met Dilla, he believes the late hip-hop producer paranormally guided him through the mastering process. No word yet on what will happen to the project.