It's a well-known fact that rapper Charles Hamilton has a few screws loose, as evidenced by crediting a long-deceased J Dilla as the producer on one of his projects. But Chuck plans on getting his mind right. The 'Brooklyn Girls' rapper has allegedly checked himself into New York Presbyterian Mental Hospital, which he has likened to being in the music industry.

"My stay here is like identical to my stay in the industry,' he told Bossip. "As far as being the new guy in here having to deal with politics and people trying to control you. The critics would have to be the doctors and the rounds. So you can say this is like an experiment to see if the industry is really like an asylum or if I was the one bugging. Some say the industry is like high school but it's just like a [mental hospital]."

The emcee, who claims his stay there is to find "peace of mind," was driven to check himself in after becoming a victim of the music industry and his love of rhyming began to consume him. "All I wanted to do and still want to do is make music," he explained. "It got to the point where I started talking in rhymes all the time, even in just regular conversations. And music just became me, so I thought it'd be a good idea if I checked into the hospital just to get my mind right."

Hamilton, who also thanked B.o.B for his support and shared his wishes to collaborate with Kanye West, was signed to Interscope Records after releasing a magnanimous number of mixtapes, only to get dropped by the imprint, following beef with his label mate Soulja Boy and receiving criticism for putting J Dilla's name on his 'This Perfect Life' album. Most recently, the rapper took to his blog to detail an upcoming mixtape series, which is yet to be released.