The Jackie Robinson West Little League team, who are now the U.S. Little League Champions, are currently the darlings of sports media. During a televised celebration of the team's victory, Chance the Rapper dropped by to share some very heartfelt words about their win.

"It's not often that we get a chance to learn a lesson in leadership and teamwork, you feel me, ambition and humility at the same time," he said. "You've seen 'em play it. It's seldom that you learn that lesson from the perspective of somebody in their senior, as a father, as a grandmother, as an older brother, as an older sister."

Chance was not only proud of the young sports players but also his hometown. “It’s almost never you get that chance to view it from a TV, from a living room, on top of a balcony, overlooking a city finally hitting its stride," he continued. "Chicago make some noise!”

The 21-year-old-MC then led the crowd into a chant, as thousands of Chicago residents stood and applauded the talented group of 11, 12, and 13-year-olds. The Jackie Robinson West Little League team is the first all-black squad to win the national championship in history.

On the music front, Chance will be hitting college campuses alongside Sweater Beats and Young & Sick for the Verge Campus Fall tour. Dates for the tour will be announced in the coming weeks.

Watch the Jackie Robinson West Little League Team Team Win the U.S. World Series