This past summer, Chance the Rapper had the Internet swooning over his upbeat cover of the 'Arthur' theme song. Now the Chicago rapper releases a rather depressing song called 'No Better Blues' with his band the Social Experiment.

On the pessimistic track, Chance rolls out a laundry list of things he hates. From the TV to his home to the sun to inflation to the local news, the rapper has a problem with everything in the world.

"I hate great concerts, I don't like crowds neither / I hate money, I hate change, I hate hope / I hate funny, I hate strange I hate dope," he raps over a mellow piano groove, a plodding drum beat and turntable scratches.

Chance concludes with the sorrowful refrain "it don't get no better." We don't know what he's trying to convey with this downer of a song but someone needs to give Chance a big hug.

On Twitter, Chance tweeted this out:

Well, maybe on the inside.

But here's some upbeat news, Chance's song helped launch a new Twitter service on the popular social media platform. Twitter Audio Cards allows users to listen to songs from their timelines with one click and they can continue scrolling.

There's no way the MC can hate on this handy mobile app.

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Listen to Chance the Rapper's 'No Better Blues'