After already donating one million dollars to Chicago's public school system, Chance The Rapper handed out free backpacks for kids before the 2017 school year started. In all, he gave out thirty-thousand backpacks while he rode on a convertible at the Bud Bilikin parade, a huge gathering to celebrate the new year.

After the parade, Chance also gave a free performance.

"It means a lot to the kids. Those who can't receive things for going back to school, it helps them out a lot," said one local parent.

During the free performance, Chance received a major shoutout by President Barack Obama for his numerous acts of altruism.

“I wanted to just have the chance to say to all of you that the Bud Billiken parade stands for so much of what our community is about,” said Obama. “We want to make sure our kids are safe, we want to make sure that they are ready to go back to school. We want to make sure that we are nurturing and protecting and encouraging and loving the next generation of leaders all throughout the city of Chicago. So Chance, I’m grateful for everything that you’ve done on behalf of the young people back home.”

The former President couldn't have said it better, huh?

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