“They say I’m savin’ my city, say I’m stayin’ for good. They screamin’ Chano for mayor, I’m thinkin’ maybe I should.”

Chance The Rapper spit those lines back in 2015 on "Somewhere in Paradise." Flash forward to present day, when fans are taking him up on his offer to run for mayor of Chicago.

A website called Chano4Mayor was created by fans with the hopes of getting Chance to run for office. The site gives visitors a glimpse into the persistent issues Chicago residents have faced for years.

"Rahm Emanuel has been in office since 2011. In that time we’ve seen the closure of 50 public schools, the largest in history," the site reads. "The city shut down 6 of its 12 mental health clinics. The Department of Justice found a pattern of civil rights violations by the Chicago Police Department, including but not limited to the murder of Laquan McDonald. It’s time for change."

Chance has been doing great things for his hometown— he met with Illinois governor Bruce Rauner to talk about issues that are affecting the state, a meeting that he said left him "flustered" and disappointed, then donated $1 million to Chicago public schools. He later revealed in a press conference that an additional $ 2.2 million had been raised to help fund Chicago public schools.

All in all, fans don't think #Chano4Mayor is such a bad idea. And let's not forget that his father is heavily involved in politics, and worked for Obama during his first term as president, so if Chance does have any political inclinations, he can always confer with his dad about politics.

You can check out some of the tweets co-signing a mayoral run for Chance below.


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