Cee Lo Green is taking over your TV screen. According to E! News, the 'Cry Baby' crooner is close to finalizing his deal to join the cast of the NBC drama 'Parenthood' for one episode. Cee Lo would be playing himself, recording at a '60s-'70s studio once beloved by Jerry Garcia and now owned by 'Parenthood' characters Adam -- played by Peter Krause -- and Crosby played by Dax Shepard.

'The Lady Killer' creator has already scored numerous opportunities on the small screen, recently lending his voice to characters on 'Robot Chicken' and 'The Boondocks,' appearing as a judge and mentor on 'The Voice' and hitting on Kelly Rowland on Fuse TV talk show 'Talking to Strangers.' Nope, Cee Lo's no stranger to television.

The former Goodie Mob rapper also has some big screen plans in store -- he's set to act alongside Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon as his father in a biopic. A little known fact -- Cee Lo and the Goodie Mob made cameo appearances back in 1999 in the film 'Mystery Men,' starring Ben Stiller and William H. Macy. Is this 'Parenthood' gig only the beginning? Does Cee Lo want some Oscars to keep his Grammys company?

The studio will be a permanent set piece for the 'Parenthood' show, so Cee Lo's cameo might be followed by more musical stars later on this season.

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