Cassie is releasing her new single, 'King of Hearts,' just in time for Valentine's Day. The Connecticut native debuted the first effort off her sophomore album, currently untitled but set to drop in 2012, Thursday (Feb. 9).

The BoomBox reported on the track in December 2011, when the model-turned-singer unveiled a video featuring a snippet of 'King of Hearts' while showcasing her bare breasts as she strutted through a mansion.

Now 'King of Hearts,' produced by J2, is here in full. The dance-heavy ditty finds Cassie cooing about the guy who's got her love wrapped around his finger. "You are the prince of charm, seduction is your art/ You never play my love, you're just my king of hearts," he sings.

The 25-year-old has been crafting the follow-up to her 2006 self-titled LP since last year. She recently revealed that she was in the studio with international house DJ Erick Morillo, recording a song for her new album.

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