Enlisting Christopher Sims, a director best known for shooting rock acts like OneRepublic and Lady Antebellum, Cassie has returned on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14) with a sexually suggestive new video for her long-awaited, new single 'King of Hearts,' which debuted last week.

The enigmatic video begins with a camera on a tripod. We see Cassie with a lighter, head-shaven look, as a strobe lights up her mansion. We then see her in a variety of poses -- relaxing in a bathtub in front of a fire, rocking a heavy gold chain and silk top, dancing on a dining table in an outfit reminiscent of Aaliyah and strutting down a hallway in basically nothing, breasts covered only by straps.

"You are the prince of charm, seduction is your art/ You'll never play my love, you're just my king of hearts," Diddy's rumored fiancee sings, over the electro-pop track produced by J2.

Though the images in the video never quite come together, we can only assume it is a reference to her most recent nude photo scandal. Before the video concludes, she continues to dance on the bathtub then lights the stove into a torch-like flame. A diamond spins before a male hand clasps the doorknob leading into a room where photos are strewn across a wood floor.

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