Casanova is making huge waves in the rap game with his abrasive banger, “Don’t Run.” During his rise, the Brooklyn rapper had a major supporter in his corner— Podcast personality Taxstone.  Tax is locked up for his alleged involvement in the Troy Ave shooting at New York’s Irving Plaza last year.

Recently, the “Don’t Run” rapper held a party and called Taxstone from jail in front of partygoers. “Ayo beloved, beloved, you beating your d--- in there beloved. Beloved, you ain’t getting no pussy beloved,” teases Casanova in the video above. Tax laughed at Casanova's joke, while the crowd chanted, "Free Tax."

Casanova captioned the video, "Life is to be lived. If you have to support yourself, you had bloody well better find some way that is going to be interesting. And you don’t do that by sitting around. Hope that don’t go over y’all heads."

Casanova, who himself served time at Rikers Island,, just released a touching video dedicated to his dear friend Taxstone. The song, "Tax Letter," reworks Jay Z's 2001 classic "Song Cry." In the visual, Casanova gives Tax an update on his success and yearns for the day he will see him walk out of jail.

"Dear beloved, how you holdin' up? / Whips still moving', we ain't slowin' up / Wish you was right here rollin' up / I got songs with Chris Brown, nigga I'm blown' up," he raps, adding, "The lawyer know that you more wiser / To ever turn urban plaza to the Gaza / Besides, you had the deals and endorsements / When I heard the news, I swear to god, man I lost it."

"Tax Letter" will appear on Casanova's upcoming mixtape, Be Safe Tho, which is set to drop on Friday (March 17).

Watch Casanova's "Tax Letter" Video

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