Contrary to reports, Taxstone will remain in jail after his $500,000 bail was rescinded following a judge's ruling during an appeal hearing on Thursday (Jan. 20). Following the arrest of the 31-year-old podcaster for his role in last year's Irving Plaza shooting, Troy Ave‘s lawyer has issued a statement maintaining the rapper’s innocence.

The statement reads in its entirety (via DNAinfo New York):

I view the charges brought today before the SDNY as a positive step in the direction of true justice for what occurred at Irving Plaza that night. As we have said since May 26, 2016, Roland Collins (Troy Ave) did not enter Irving Plaza with a handgun the night of the TI concert. He was not responsible for the four shots fired inside the Green Room that took the life of his dear friend (Ronald) McPhatter, and caused injury to him and two other innocent bystanders."

As we previously reported, Taxstone’s DNA was found on the trigger, hand grip and magazine of a 9-millimeter Kel-Tec semi-automatic handgun that was used in the shooting in the VIP area at Irving Plaza. According to a federal complaint, Taxstone, whose real name is Daryl Campbell, allegedly used the gun before the shooting and videos show him entering the green room before the gunfire and then fleeing.

Troy’s friend and bodyguard, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, was shot dead in the shootout and two clubgoers were injured by stray bullets. Police later found the gun in a hidden compartment in Troy's vehicle when he was brought to the hospital for his injured leg.

The BSB Records founder is currently recuperating at home after he was shot at on Christmas Day.

Taxstone’s attorney, Kenneth Montgomery, said he could not discuss the case in the media, but says that his client is in good spirits. “He’s doing as best he can for anybody charged with a federal crime,” he told the NYTimes. “He’s a smart young man, and he’s concerned about his family, like anyone would be.”

Taxstone's next hearing is scheduled for Feb. 16.

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