Carhartt is known for their premium outerwear for construction workers and outdoorsmen, but the company has an offshoot label that boasts fashionable clothes for both men and women. The Carhartt Work In Progress apparel company features stylish clothes made with the same durable material as their original heritage brand.

Carhartt WIP just released their Spring/Summer 2014 collection of mostly button-ups, T-shirts and short-sleeved polo shirts.

The highlight of the collection for us is the button-down Cotton Oxford shirt which comes in navy and white. On the back shoulder of the shirt is a cool camo print. Pair this shirt with some worn-out jeans and Timberland boots and you will look stylish and rugged at the same damn time.

We also like the long-sleeved Oxford Rib shirt, which looks like cross between a collared shirt and varsity jacket. There’s also a selection of polo shirts, T-shirts and a raglan shirt that are perfect for the summertime.

To peep the entire Carhartt WIP Spring/Summer 2014 capsule project, click here.