Tax season is approaching and not everyone is feeling Uncle Sam -- especially those who have to pay this year. But Cardi B wants to know what the government is doing with her “fucking money.”

On Thursday (March 22), the “Bodak Yellow” rapper went on her Instagram page to voice her frustrations with the government "taking 40 percent of her tax money" and not knowing where her money is going.

"Uncle Sam, I want to know what you're doing with my fucking tax money," she said.

Cardi then complained that the New York streets are "always dirty" and how "there's still rats on the damn trains." The 25-year-old rapper also slammed the government for not spending tax dollars on prison reform, claiming that inmates are still walking around with "only two underwears [and] one jumpsuit for, like, five months."

"What is y'all doing with my fucking money?" Cardi B reiterates. "I want to know. I want receipts. I want everything."

That's a fair question. And it appears that Diddy wants answers as well.

The Bad Boy Records founder, who probably delivers a hefty check to Uncle Sam every year, co-signed Cardi B's tax rant and reposted her now viral clip.

"I’VE BEEN ASKING THE SAME MOTHER FUCKIN QUESTION!!!! Real talk. WHERE’S IT AT!!!! We need some back so we can take care of our people!!!"

Since posting the video, Cardi B's tax rant has become a major news story. This has made the "Bartier Cardi" rhymer a little nervous.

"I can’t believe my video made the news," she wrote. "YA watch out for me I’m scared! I don’t want GT coming o for me. A lot of people responded to this video like they spend our tax money in welfare, SSI, military but how do you know tho? Where is the [proof]?"

"My neighborhood still look like shit!" she continues. "They can’t even afford to put Metal detectors in ALL the schools but we have money for a wall and war. Don’t mind me thoo I’m just a ex stripper with bad grammar and heavy accent."

We must protect Cardi B at all cost.

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