The Canadian concert promoters who booked Game to play a series of ill-fated dates north of the border have issued a statement regarding the Compton rapper's detainment.

Game revealed that he had encountered border trouble on Wednesday morning (April 20), tweeting that he had been misled by promoters, and that Canadian customs officials had denied him entry. "This just in: I'm being detained in Canada for 14 days until they process my inadmissability then I'll have a hearing heard by a judge," Game wrote. "At that point the judge will decide to either deport me or give me a sentence for violating Canada's immigrant entry laws."

Today, The Substance Entertainment Group, promoters for the Canadian leg of Game's Red Nation tour, addressed the situation, revealing that the rapper's detainment is out of their hands, and ticket-buyers will be offered a full refund.

"Game will not be performing in Canada to support his Red Nation tour because of circumstances beyond our control," wrote a rep for the group. "All tickets for his Canadian dates will be available at the point of purchase for a full refund."

The promoters also addressed Game's allegations that they "misled" him into thinking he would be safe to travel into the country. "We at the Substance Group appreciate social media and self‐expression -- however, we cannot confirm anything released outside of our company is accurate at this time."

There is no word as to when Game will be released from his detainment, or whether he will be charged for breaking Canada's immigration laws. His long awaited 'Red Nation' album will be in stores this summer ... hopefully.

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