After signing his Roc Nation deal, Jim Jones had a monumental interview with Hot 97 personality Funkmaster Flex that got really emotional.

During the hour-long sit-down, the Harlemite detailed his relationship with Cam’ron and his loyalty to Dipset and the brand. At one point, the “We Flight High” rhymer became teary-eyed as he revisited the work he put in to protect Cam at all costs and made sure he was “untouchable.”

“There’s never been a time when I backed down from any situation in this world, except God,” Jones attests while fighting back tears. “And I’ve been up against 20, 30 deep by myself when n----s left me by myself. And I escaped those situations and still come back and give n----s high-five.”

As of late, Cam and Jones haven't been seeing eye to eye on things. They often traded barbs back and forth on social media.

Now Cam plans to set the record straight. No tears in a bucket.

Kill Cam went on his Instagram page and announced that on Saturday (Feb. 11) at 9PM ET, he's going to explain the true history of Dipset in response to Jim Jones' Hot 97 interview.

"Have an extra phone or computer.. So u can goggle what I'm talking bout .. While I'm talking.. Cause crying don't meant it's the truth lol," he wrote in the caption in the photo above.

However, some fans want Cam and Jones to squash their beef and bring Dipset back.

"Y'ALL DID ALOT FOR THE GAME IN [YOUR] TIME BUT TO FALL OUT LIKE HOW THE WOLD IS SEEING IS NOT WAT UP," wrote one fan on Cam'ron's IG page. "[IT'S] SAD AND DISAPPOINTING TO TRU DIPSET FANS LIKE MYSELF .. but then again , this is how most Harlem n----z end up.... Yall should shoot the 31 and make up."

Get your popcorn ready.

Watch Jim Jones Talk Dipset, Signing to Roc Nation & More on Hot 97

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