Dave East's Instagram page had a little more action than usual yesterday (Oct. 19), when Cam'ron and Jim Jones exchanged words on the Harlem rapper's page.

Dave East made a post about Cam'ron passing him the torch for Harlem, a claim that Jim Jones apparently wasn't feeling.

“Lol the torch lol tell him make u dip set lol," Jones wrote.

Cam'ron replied by referencing Max B's return, telling Jones to make him Dipset and suggesting that Jones had been telling people that East wasn't from Harlem.

"Tell @DaveEast how you telling n----s how he ain't from Harlem but you wanna shoot videos with him... in Harlem,' Cam wrote.

This is just the latest minor incident in years of back and forth exchanges between the two. Back in 2007, after Cam'ron and Jim Jones' relationship appeared to be strained, Jones cleared things up in an interview, basically saying that although they may disagree from time to time, their history is too strong to ever let things spiral completely out of control.

“We going through our little differences and things like that,” Jones explained to MTV in 2007, according to HipHopDX. “Because we didn’t grow up with this type of money we playing with now, so it’s only [normal] that you’re gonna change in some aspect. But for us, loyalty is everything, and when you break that code of honor a little bit, it tends to make the water rough.”

Jones further explained things seven years later in another interview, saying he and Cam have always been "weird" with each other.

“I don’t know. Me and Cam always been weird with each other, even at our closest moments. I couldn’t call him a weirdo without calling myself a weirdo," he said back in 2014. "The love we have for each other I know is unconditional, regardless of what goes on.”

But then back in April Jones and Cam'ron exchanged words again on Instagram, though Cam'ron later blew off the minor beef in an interview.

“As hard as I would go against somebody else, I wouldn’t go hard on Jim like that,” he explained in an interview with This Is 50. “That’s still my man regardless of what people see in the public or media or whatever.”

Given their history, this little exchange will probably blow over too. Check the Instagram post below.


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