Eight years ago, Cam'ron stunned hip-hop fans and critics when he was interviewed on 60 Minutes and revealed that he wouldn't snitch on a serial killer who lived next door to him. Now the rapper is discussing the act of snitching even further on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

Killa Cam joined the snitching panel discussion on Wednesday night's show (April 15), along with Newark Mayor Ras Baraka and comedian Chris Distefano of MTV's Girl Code.

When Wilmore asked the Diplomats leader if he still holds the same opinion as he did in 2007, Cam didn't answer directly but said it all depends on where you live. His point was, if you live in a low-crime neighborhood and snitch on someone, there's less of a chance of that person coming home and doing harm to you.

"It's about where you're living at," he said. "Because the thing is this, just because you snitched that doesn't mean they're going to get convicted."

"Now you're snitching on somebody who has to go through a court process, go through trial, go through et cetera, et cetera and then comes out back on the streets and looks at you like, 'That was you who told on me," Cam added.

A hilarious part of the segment is when Wilmore asks Cam'ron if he would tell on his boy if he killed his brother. "I'll just answer with this," the rapper said then curled his lips up, as if to say the host was asking a stupid question.

Wilmore had a great point of his own when he explained that police expect citizens to snitch on each other but officers don't even snitch on each other. Many cops won't report improper conduct due to an unspoken code they have, so they're being hypocritical in telling the community to do the opposite.

Watch Cam stand by the "no snitching" rule above.

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