Cam’ron is ready for his close-up. The Dip Set leader announced that he’s working on a new film. Not only that, he just dropped an anthemic song called “D.I.A.” Let’s talk about the song first.

Buoyed by classic braggadocious soundbites from wrestling icon Ric Flair, the horn-blaring song is equally boisterous as Cam delivers boasts and creative punchlines.

"I stacked hundreds / I'm back blunted / This cat's done it / I taught bitches how to ball like Pat Summitt," he raps, adding, "Boy, you are looking at a dirt bag / 50 Gs in the bathtub / Now that's a real bird bath."

As for the movie, in an interview with Noisey, Cam'ron said he working on a movie that similar to Richard Gere and Dian Lane's 2002 flick, Unfaithful. "Kinda 'once you go black you never go back' kind of thing, but it's kind of deeper than that," he said.

Cam also plans to work on another movie to coincide with his new album The Program.

"We're going to put out a movie with the album and keep putting movies after that," he explained. "So instead of shooting nine, ten, eleven videos what we're doing is writing the script."

"The movies that I've done in the past, everybody's been like 'Cam always gets away in a movie playing Cam," he added. "So, like, I'm trying to step outside the box a little bit just to show my range in acting."

You can read Cam'ron full interview with Noisey here.

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